What if You Could Professionally Maintain Your Property with One Phone Call?

Clean Sweep is the one stop resource for all your property maintenance needs. We will take the hassle out of property management, providing the services you need quickly and efficiently. Unlike some fly by night "maintenance companies," we have the experience and expertise to deliver professional, EPA / CWA compliant, environmentally friendly work and dust compliant work that will impress your customers and investors, as well as retain the value of your property.

Clean Sweep Property Services

Pressure CleaningHot Water/Steam Pressure Cleaning

Bring a fresh look to your building, sidewalks, walkways, parking lot, warehouse and dumpster areas with hot water or steam pressure cleaning.  Our washers are able to remove oil, grease and other heat reactive substances. Better yet, our environmentally friendly pressure washing is EPA and CWA compliant because we take great care to “recover” all process water.

dayporting-exterior-custodial-servicesDay Porting (Exterior Custodial Service)

The exterior of your property needs custodial service just as much if not more than the interior of your property.  That’s why Clean Sweep Property Services offers daily, weekly or monthly day porting that could include removing trash, as well as cleaning and maintaining sidewalks, walkways, windows, doors, ash receptacles and seating areass.

parking-garage-street-parking-lot-sweepingParking Garage / Street / Parking Lot Sweeping

Not only is parking garage, street and parking lot sweeping eco friendly, it gives your property the pristine appearance that will impress customers and investors and retain the value of your property. Clean Sweep also ensures sweeping will be dust compliant with the Air Quality Department’s Rule 310 , as well as performed at the most convenient times.

striping-and-markingParking Garage / Parking Lot Striping and Marking

Are your parking garage or parking lot stripes and markings faded, dull or even worn off completely?  Give your property the facelift it needs and eliminate potential liability with Clean Sweep’s striping and marking services, which will be performed at the most convenient time for your property using the most durable and longest lasting paint.

parking-lot-garage-scrubbingParking Lot / Parking Garage Scrubbing

Remove layers of oil, dirt and grime from your parking lot or parking garage floor with Clean Sweep’s professional scrubbing service.  We start with an application of heavy-duty degreaser and follow with commercial grade scrubbing using our high-end automatic floor scrubbers.  Clean Sweep guarantees work will be performed at the most convenient time for your property.

Window WashingBuilding Façade / Window Washing

Whether your property requires an annual building facade washing or weekly window washing, Clean Sweep Property Services has the property enhancement solutions you need to impress your customers and investors, as well as retain the value of your property. 

graffiti-removalGraffiti Removal

If your property has been vandalized by graffiti, Clean Sweep Property Services has the experience and expertise to remove the graffiti quickly and efficiently—all without damaging the surface.  We take pride in restoring your property to its original condition, allowing you to send a clear message that graffiti and other forms of vandalism will not be tolerated.

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